Perception On Designs Around Us

By Snigdha
Ocean view, room, digital art, anime, painting, clutter, Japanese

Start with some good designs.

1. Bolt & Nut

Bolt and Nut

2. Acupressure Slippers

Acupressure Slippers

3. Retractable pens

Oculus Pen

4. Insulation Flooring

Insulation floor blocks

5. Metro Train Service

Now discuss some bad designs due to unfocused small details

1. Education System in India

2. Glass Fish Tanks

Fish tank
Broken fish tank glass

3. Manual Treadmills

Manual Treadmill
User angle on manual treadmill

4. Abs Stimulator

Abs stimulator

5. Portable Mini Hand Sewing Machine

Portable hand sewing machine



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Snigdha M

Snigdha M

UI/UX Design Intern at Designshift Academy